The challenge that SR Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher secondary school has embarked on today is, “How to educate our students to become socially responsible citizens of the future world?” SR Vidyalaya creates a learning environment with modern facilities in keeping with the changing time, which is conducive to developing the intellectual, social, physical and emotional potentials of each child, thereby imbibing academic excellence, exemplary character and concern for environment.

It is our endeavor to shape our children into well-rounded personalities that will contribute positively to society. To achieve this holistic education, we strongly believe that educational excellence cannot be achieved solely through book knowledge. SR Vidyalaya provides the right environment for young minds to take wing and groom them for a Globalized future. Based on this premise, we believe in empowering our children so as to help them become the best they can be.

I am confident that sr vidyalaya, will always be a beacon of light guiding our students, while radiating kindness and love as we climb high in its pursuit of academic excellence and fulfillment of our mission where children Enter the School to Learn & Depart the school to Excel.